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Are you ready for take-off ?

3LB Seed Capital enters into the start-ups equity essentially in the initial phases of their developments, more often as the first investor outside the circle of the founders.


Our individual investments are generally sized between 30k€ and 60k€; we invest in young entrepreneurs that really show us their strong focus and resilience in supporting their projects & ideas, and we establish with them a “business partners” relationship proper to angel investors.


For larger investments, within the range of 500 k€, we share the risk with other investing partners, both individuals or investing syndicates and club-deals.


Occasionally, when we have the opportunity to co-invest with our network of contacts in companies ahead in their development path, we follow with more significant funding rounds, beyond the threshold of 1 M€



We look forward to know you better !
If you think you are ready to fly, do not hesitate to contact-us.
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